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Australian Capital Territory

There is a single RDA Committee for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

The RDA ACT Committee is funded by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The RDA ACT Committee is responsible for:

  • detailed regional planning that focusses on the economic development of their region, taking into account relevant Commonwealth, state, territory and local government plans
  • providing independent advice to all three levels of Government on critical issues affecting their region
  • working closely with community leaders to identify funding sources and developing project proposals to support economic growth
  • providing assistance to local communities to develop project proposals to support economic growth, and
  • promoting awareness of government programmes in the RDA community.

The RDA ACT Regional Plan acknowledges the importance of the ACT and Canberra's three dimensions—as a city in its own right, as the nation's capital, and in its role as a hub of the region. RDA ACT's scope of operations is focused on the ACT region, but it has a close working relationship with surrounding local governments in New South Wales (NSW), and with the Australian Government, in order to progress mutually beneficial outcomes for stakeholders and residents in the ACT and the greater South East NSW region.

RDA ACT has a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in place with RDA Southern Inland, which covers all of the NSW local government areas immediately surrounding the ACT. Under the MOU, both RDA Committees work collaboratively in areas of mutual interest—with a particular focus on economic development.

Australian Capital Territory

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