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The 2013-16 Regional Plans/Roadmaps will provide a wide range of stakeholders, potential investors and policy-makers with a better understanding of each region—including strengths, challenges, needs and strategic priorities. This will require development of a robust evidence base and analysis of key regional characteristics, including access to a variety of data sources.

To support RDAs in developing their evidence base, the Department has compiled a number of key economic and social indicators, including employment, education and population characteristics. This data is available at a RDA, national, state and local government level and can be accessed below.

These indicators are compiled from publications from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other providers of official statistics. RDAs should also review the accompanied explanatory notes prior to downloading the data and this can be accessed here PDF: 185 KB XLS: 50 KB. Regular updates to these data sets will be provided as new data sources become available.

These data sets are not the only source of data for an evidence base, and RDAs are encouraged to continue to source a variety of additional information during the development of their 2013-16 Regional Plans/Roadmaps.

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Please note: The Total Family Income 2001–2011 data sets have been updated since this article was originally published.