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RDA is a national network of Committees (sometimes referred to as RDA Boards) made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to enhance the economic development of Australia's regions.

RDA Committees provide a vital link between local community stakeholders and government, advising the Australian Government on critical issues affecting economic development in regions and enhancing awareness of Australian Government programmes. The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development is leading this agenda for the Australian Government.

RDA Committees maintain regional plans and advise on priority activities to drive economic development in their regions. They assist local community stakeholders to develop project proposals and help shepherd them to appropriate public and/or private funding sources.

Chairs and Deputy Chairs—Appointments to Chair and Deputy Chair positions are made by the Australian Government Minister with responsibility for Regional Development and, jointly with the state or territory government minister responsible for regional development (where they contribute significant financial and/or in kind support). In some jurisdictions the local government association is also a signatory to appointments.

Committee members—Appointments to Committees and Boards will be made by Chairs and Deputy Chairs in consultation with the Australian Government Minister, state and territory government ministers and the local government association where joint appointments are made.

Terms of appointments vary but can be up to three years

Why join your RDA Committee?

By joining your RDA Committee you can make a difference in your region.

Committee members are able to use their skills and experience to work with others, bringing together a variety of views, interests and expertise. Members have a shared sense of purpose and are part of a team which is seeking to improve the economic prosperity for the region by increasing the investment in infrastructure and business activity to improve productivity and employment in the region.

Your investment of time and energy in sharing knowledge and skills will make a difference in your community. Visit RDA Committee websites in your State and across Australia to find out more about the good work RDA Committees and boards are doing in their regions.

Considering whether to join an RDA Committee/Board?

  • Find out the name of the RDA Committee in your area by looking at a map and going to the RDA Committee's webpage.
  • Talk to your RDA Committee's Chair or Executive Officer and find out about the priorities for the region, how they are working to find solutions, the commitment required of Committee members and how you could contribute your skills and experience.
  • Look at the RDA's Regional Plan/Roadmap to see where your skills and experience match the priorities of the region.
  • Talk to other RDA Committee members about what to expect should you be appointed to the committee.
  • Indicate to the RDA Committee Chair that you are interested in being considered for Committee membership and the skills you consider you would bring to the position.

Further information is available in the:

Committee members should reside within the region they represent. If you are not a resident in the region you are applying for, you must be able to demonstrate strong links to the region and your commitment to working within that region (including being prepared to travel to Committee meetings and relevant events) in the CV section of your EOI.

How to express your interest to become a committee member

Before you begin

If you require a copy of the Information Booklet, Code of Conduct and Ethics, the region's Regional Plan/Roadmap or RDA Skills Needs or have queries about completing the EOI form please email or call the Helpline 1800 505 938 (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm AEDST).

Privacy Notice

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development (the Department) is collecting the information on this form for the purposes of processing your appointment to an RDA Committee or Board.

The Department is likely to disclose personal information to relevant Ministers, state and/or territory departments and, in some cases, relevant local government associations and RDA Chairs for the purpose of considering your appointment to a RDA Committee. The Department does not routinely disclose personal information to overseas recipients.

Failure to provide any of the information sought on this form may result in your appointment not being processed.

The Department's on-line privacy policy contains information regarding complaint handling processes and how to access and/or seek correction of personal information held by the Department. The Privacy Officer can be contacted on (02) 6274 6495.

Personal information is collected through the Department's secure website (for details see

Please note when completing the EOI form:

  • Responses must be provided to all questions including those listed on the Private Interests Declaration and the Consent and Declaration sections.
  • *(Asterisk) denotes questions where responses are mandatory.
  • If any mandatory questions are not completed, the EOI will be declared incomplete and removed from the process.
  • Attachments (such as CVs, Letters of Support, Awards and Certificates etc.) are not necessary and will not be considered as part of the appointment selection process.
  • You should keep a copy of your completed form for your own records.
  • Further information could be requested from applicants during the assessment process.
  • For your EOI to be considered, it must be submitted through the process indicated below.
  • Receipt of your EOI form will be acknowledged within 5 working days.

To complete the form:

Click here for the online EOI form (this is the preferred method)

OR you may

  1. Download and complete the EOI Form for a Chair, Deputy Chair or Committee Member position DOCX: 56 KB PDF: 446 KB ReadSpeaker
  1. Submit the form by emailing to or post to:

General Manager

Local Government, Mainland Territories and RDA Branch

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development

GPO Box 594


If you have any queries please call the Helpline 1800 505 938 (Mon–Fri 9am–5pm AEDST)